RAF Harrowbeer Archives

A wealth of archive material and WWII memorabilia is held at Knightstone / R.A.F. Harrowbeer Archives, Crapstone Road, Yelverton, Devon, PL20 6BT.

There are copies of the Station Operation Record Book (diary) and also many of the Squadrons ORBs relevant to the time that they were operating from RAF Harrowbeer.  There is a large collection of documentation, photographs and other related material regarding Harrowbeer's personnel and RAF Fighter Command.  A small  museum is on site with artefacts from WWII.

The archives and museum are available for viewing on request, telephone :- 01822 853679. Michael Hayes (the Archivist) is always willing to talk to anybody who wants to know more about Harrowbeer or has a story to tell regarding the airfield and surrounding area.

Regular events are organised throughout the year when more of the archive material is put on show to the general public to raise awareness of the vital role played by the airfield during the war. 

Airfield walks and talks can be arranged to suit individual capabilities and interests.

Available Items


An informative DVD lasting 47 minutes which gives a brief history followed by an armchair tour around the airfield.




A revised edition of the Dennis Teague book on the history of RAF Harrowbeer.



 Both of these items are available from the R.A.F. Harrowbeer Archives, come and see us or call Michael (01822 853679) to arrange postage.


The homeguard display in the museum at KnightstoneA page of the ORB from the extensive documentry recordsOne of the displays showing caps and flying helmets in the museum